July 9th, 2007

Four Friends

Buffy fanfiction: Four Friends -- "Ghosts Can't Cry"

Title: Ghost Can't Cry
Author: ozma914
Characters: Dawn, Buffybot, Dana, Kara, mention of Tara
Rated: G
Warnings: totally unnecessary nudity.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss and co.
Summary: Post Chosen: The gang returns from a mission that went horribly wrong, only to learn something worse happened while they were away. 773 words

This was the result of a challenge by sl_podcast, who listed a series of first lines and challenged writers to turn one of them into stories. I got props for using not one, but four of the lines in the same story! The original first line meme can be found here:

(Note: This takes place in my "Four Friends" universe, in which two questionable magical spells, one intended to repair Dana's shattered mind, led to the resurrection of the Buffybot and the secret return of Tara to a more or less living body.)

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