May 14th, 2007

Dawn writes

It can?

No, I didn't know Microsoft Word can autosumarize. But since everyone else is doing it, and it's turned out pretty funny (if inaccurate) so far, I tried it. This is my second longest single-chapter story, A Somewhat Less Than Forever Love, boiled down to just 96 words:

Buffy’s eyes narrowed.

Buffy slammed the suitcase shut. The Immortal grimaced. Buffy yelled. “Buffy.” Dawn nodded. Xander cried.

Buffy, her face still red, looked at Dawn. Buffy gave a long suffering sigh. “Spike --” Angel growled.

“You’re a pig too, Spike,” Dawn interrupted. Dawn shook her head. Xander demanded.

“Cookie dough, Buffy,” Angel reminded her. Giles gasped.

Buffy, face red, turned on her sister. “Faith helped,” Dawn squeaked.

The Immortal laughed.

Buffy turned toward him.

Dawn demanded, thinking she’d been insulted.

“Spike! “What about Buffy?” Closing his file, Giles looked to Dawn. Dawn just smiled.

Gee, I think that might be better than the original.