May 1st, 2007

book cover humor

It's spring, for sure

The first mowing of the season, a bit late. Ozma914 is shocked to discover that, after a bit of fuel and oil, the mower started on the very first pull.
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He's unaware that the evil Albion paparrazi watch from the bushes, eagerly awaiting a nose pick or butt scratch ...
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In desperation, he searches for a distraction. "Look! Lilacs!"
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With the photographers distracted by the purple buds, Ozma makes a break for it, having not picked or scratched.
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Ah, the price of fame ...
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book cover humor

The Condom Game -- stolen from MySpace

the Condom Game
The way you play the Box of Condoms Game is: you have to come up with one item to take to the register with a box of condoms to make the cashier raise an eyebrow.

No repeats

1. Candice- Duck tape
2. Dusty- Lighter fluid
3. Krista - Can of whipped topping!! :)
4. Mandy ~ ROPE! *heeheehee*
5. *Frostt* - A Stopwatch! ( why can i only pick ONE item??? )
6. jacqueline- ky
7. Biskit - the "Idiot's Guide to Making Balloon Animals"
8. Rob - CRAYONS
9. Angie - a Bible
10. Jennifer-cucumber
11. Chris - rubber bands
12. Erica - Baby Oil
13. Anthony - Hammer
14. Teresa - Super Glue
15. Jenna - Jacqueline and Krista?!!!!..........IGIA ovulation tester
16. gray - single light bulb. (ky? to raise an eyebrow? where are you, arkansas?)
17. jay tanner - Highlights Magazine for children
18. Sarah Fuzz - squeaky dog toy
19. Mr. Presswood - 55 lbs of assorted cold cuts ;)
20. Amanda - copy of Nickelodian magazine
21. Nic- a '30 second stop watch'
22. Brittany- a six pack of 9 volt batteries
23. Ozma914 - handcuffs from the toy department
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