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May 1st, 2007

Claim Your Old British Man by jgurlpunkrck
Your Name
Your Age
Your Old British Man
You met...you stalked him and jumped him in the street
The relationship ended...he left you for M. Thatcher-you killed yourself


It's spring, for sure

The first mowing of the season, a bit late. Ozma914 is shocked to discover that, after a bit of fuel and oil, the mower started on the very first pull.
MarkMows1Collapse )

He's unaware that the evil Albion paparrazi watch from the bushes, eagerly awaiting a nose pick or butt scratch ...
MarkMows2Collapse )

In desperation, he searches for a distraction. "Look! Lilacs!"
MarkPointsCollapse )

With the photographers distracted by the purple buds, Ozma makes a break for it, having not picked or scratched.
Back_Yard_LilacsCollapse )

Ah, the price of fame ...


The Condom Game -- stolen from MySpace

the Condom Game
The way you play the Box of Condoms Game is: you have to come up with one item to take to the register with a box of condoms to make the cashier raise an eyebrow.

No repeats

1. Candice- Duck tape
2. Dusty- Lighter fluid
3. Krista - Can of whipped topping!! :)
4. Mandy ~ ROPE! *heeheehee*
5. *Frostt* - A Stopwatch! ( why can i only pick ONE item??? )
6. jacqueline- ky
7. Biskit - the "Idiot's Guide to Making Balloon Animals"
8. Rob - CRAYONS
9. Angie - a Bible
10. Jennifer-cucumber
11. Chris - rubber bands
12. Erica - Baby Oil
13. Anthony - Hammer
14. Teresa - Super Glue
15. Jenna - Jacqueline and Krista?!!!!..........IGIA ovulation tester
16. gray - single light bulb. (ky? to raise an eyebrow? where are you, arkansas?)
17. jay tanner - Highlights Magazine for children
18. Sarah Fuzz - squeaky dog toy
19. Mr. Presswood - 55 lbs of assorted cold cuts ;)
20. Amanda - copy of Nickelodian magazine
21. Nic- a '30 second stop watch'
22. Brittany- a six pack of 9 volt batteries
23. Ozma914 - handcuffs from the toy department


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