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March 6th, 2007

who you are as a writer meme

I posted this over at add_a_writer, where bunches of other writers seem to be doing the same thing, and I liked the idea so much that I decided to put it up here, too. It's kind of a cool introduction to who you are as a writer.

Name: Mark Hunter

Age: 44

Location: Albion, Indiana, USA

History/About me: I'm a divorced father of two daughters, who's been writing since I was too young to write: My first story was my adventures in the Land of Oz, dictated to my mother. I decided when I was in my mid-teens that I would write full time, but I got sidetracked into the world of emergency services and am now a 911 dispatcher for the Noble County Sheriff's Department, a volunteer firefighter, and a member of our Town Council. I do get paid for writing, as a part time reporter and humor columnist for our local paper, the Albion New Era: http://www.app-printing.com/newera.htm
Despite all that, my first love remains fiction writing.

Personal/Writing Journal: http://ozma914.livejournal.com/ I also have a myspace account at http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=132303103, but you won't find much there that isn't on my LiveJournal (except for pictures).

What do you write?: fiction, fanfiction (so far only Buffy the Vampire Slayer), humor columns, newspaper articles and features.

Specific genre?: The three completed novels I'm trying to sell are romantic comedies, which would almost certainly be shelved in the romance section. I've also written/am writing action/adventure, science fiction, humor, and mystery. For fun, I write fanfiction, which has gotten me glowing reviews but (of course) no progress toward doing this for a living.

Do you like to edit?: Not really, because I'm too easy on people -- I don't like to criticize. Constructive criticism is exactly what a new writer needs, but I have a fragile ego myself and so I have trouble bringing myself to point out mistakes.

Possess any weird writing quirks?: Not that I'm aware of; since I have some experience getting paid and meeting deadlines, I've learned to write when I need to, rather than when I want to or in any kind of special place.

Is your lj friends-only? No -- what would be the fun of that?

Anything else?: Not really ... I just signed on because I love writing, and love talking to writers. The main reason I want to make enough money writing to do it full time is just so I can quit my other jobs and write more. On the other hand, all this time spent in the emergency services and fighting fires has certainly given me ideas for future stories!

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