February 24th, 2007

book cover humor

A Funeral

I got all dressed up in my Class A fire uniform and spent Friday evening at Albion's only funeral home. The 7 year old son of one of our firefighters took suddenly ill last week and passed away, possibly from an aneurism.

Logan had a heart transplant when he was only a few weeks old. He made it, and grew into a normal, inquisitive, mischievous young boy. Now he's laid out with his cowboy hat, gun belt and toy six-gun, his casket surrounded by stuffed animals and toy fire trucks. Oh, and crying firefighters.

Logan came up to the fire station whenever he could. He'd constantly ask his dad, and the other firefighters, if they fought a fire that day. He wanted to be a firefighter, but his dream was cut short.

Next time you see them, hug your kids. Hug them a lot.

Logan would have loved to hear us talk about this:

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