February 17th, 2007


first name + needs meme

Tagged by iamcyber ... I've done this before, so I'm not tagging anyone myself, but I'm doing it again because it's kind of fun.

Go to Google and type your "first name + needs" in the search box (no quotes) and post the first 10 results, then tag 5 people.

1. "Mark needs a chick" ... Okay .... I got that one back dozens of times. What are they trying to tell me?

2. "Mark needs more room." True enough.

3. "Marc needs you!" to learn how to spell Mark.

4. "Mark needs your help ..." Are you, perhaps, a psychiatrist?

5. "Mark needs to pee." I think I can handle that one myself.

6. "Mark needs a bra." Do NOT!

7. "Mark needs to use superpowers." Flying would be cool ... or X-ray vision.

8. "Mark needs a beer." Ick. Beer tastes like feet.

9. "Mark needs a Fullstop." Especially while driving.

10. "Mark needs help!" Okay, I get the idea!
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