February 9th, 2007

Congrats Dawn

Show choir

NOTE: So far, apparently this only opens if you're using Netscape (or Firefox, according to leap_to_faith); I wasn't able to see the video using Safari or Internet Explorer. As the young people say, My Bad. :-(

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Okay, I'm experimenting, here. This is a short video of the A cappella moment from jillyh2009's show choir routine, which I took at their competition a week ago. The audio and video both dropped out on playback, making it appear to stutter, which I attempted to fix but don't think I did. So I apologize if the quality sucks ... I also didn't get any of their dance because it made the stutter even worse. Overall, this is a very poor example of the tremendous job they did -- but I just *love* this moment in their routine, so I'm including it anyway.

Seriously, you had to be there.