January 17th, 2007

book cover humor

btVS fanfiction: "Mary Stu Got Harried" Chapter 9 of 14

Title: Mary Stu Got Harried
chapter 9 of 14
Author: ozma914
Crossover With: Star Wars, the Oz books, My Chemical Romance. Kind of. In a way.

Warning: Extreme Mary Suism.
Disclaimer: All characters who belong to Joss and co, belong to Joss and co.

Summary: post-Chosen: A group of watchers and slayers taking a creative writing class are assigned a simple lesson in author intrusion. But nothing’s ever simple when magic is -- literally -- in the air.

Mary Stu Got Harried, Chapter Nine: Cooking Up a Storm

(In which we learn Kennedy would make a lousy chef.)

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