January 14th, 2007

Bloody Hell

In other local news ... just another normal week in Noble County, Indiana

A possible animal sacrifice spot near Smalley Lake in southwest Noble County was investigated by police last week, and they say it turned out to be a dumping ground for one or more trappers.
The site, in the area of CR 275S and 750W, was discovered by someone who reported it to a relative, who in turn called police at about 12:43 p.m. Friday, according to the Noble County Sheriff's Department. The caller told police that dogs, racoons and other animals, all skinned, had been left there, and that the caller believed the carcasses were used for witchcraft.
Police did find about 15-20 animal carcasses, all skinned, but no indication of any kind of rituals. Officals believe the bodies were discarded by trappers, who trapped the animals and then took the pelts to sell. Apparently the area had become a neighborhood illegal dumping ground, and the Noble County Highway Department was notified to remove some of the debris.

And ...

The story of strangers in Albion's cemetery turned out to be even stranger than imagined last week.
Paranormal researchers were prowling Rose Hill Cemetery Tuesday, January 9, according to the Noble County Sheriff's Department. Police received a report at 6:30 p.m. -- after dark -- of a Mercury SUV in the cemetery, where a male and a female subject were taking pictures.
Apparently they didn't make enough noise to wake the dead. The SUV, with a blue light on top -- as in a volunteer firefighter's light, not a Ghostbuster's vehicle -- was spirited away, and seen eastbound on SR 8 a short time later.
Police checked the area, and found no evidence of ghoulish mischief. However, the female occupant, a Big Lake resident, realized officers had been called and came to the Sheriff's Department, where she explained she'd stopped at the cemetery to do paranormal research.
Exactly what that research entailed wasn't explained, but no damage was done to the area and no charges were filed.
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