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January 3rd, 2007


I was going to post the first chapter of my new fic today, but I still have to write the "forward", and my cold medicine has kicked in. I'm afraid anything I type will look like a comic book character cursing. (*&#^%@!)

Didn't I complain about having a cold about this same time next year? on a related note, can I just skip January from now on?

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Sir Ozma the Lackadaisical of Barton in the Beans
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Title: Mary Stu Got Harried
chapter 1 of 14
Author: ozma914
Crossover With: Star Wars, the Oz books, My Chemical Romance. Kind of. In a way.

Characters: Tara, Dana, Buffybot, Andrew, Xander; appearances by Giles, Willow and Kennedy, and some surprises. Also an original watcher who is absolutely not, in any way, the author, and three original slayers who have absolutely no connection to jillyh2009, thexbatxbuckle, or strangexgirl. Honest. Would I lie?

A very special thanks to the incomparable kazzy_cee for the wonderful banner she made just for this story!

Rated: PG-13 eventually, for character death. But don't panic.
Warnings: Extreme Mary Suism.
Disclaimer: All characters who belong to Joss and co, belong to Joss and co.

Summary: post-Chosen: A group of watchers and slayers taking a creative writing class are assigned a simple lesson in author intrusion. But nothing’s ever simple when magic is -- literally -- in the air. (Note: This is a serious story, in a manner of speaking, in that it’s not farce or satire. It’s set in my fictional universe in which magical spells have helped heal Dana’s mind and the Buffybot’s body, and may also have had an effect on the resident ghost -- Tara. None of which means things don’t get a bit ... whimsical.)


Chapter One (in which a suspiciously inordinate amount of time is spent describing non-canon characters): What_Could_Possibly_Go_Wrong?Collapse )

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