December 31st, 2006

Four Friends

BtVS fanfiction: Kara's Secret

A New Year's Greeting to everyone!

Author: ozma914
Characters: OC slayer Kara, Buffybot, Dana, Tara, Giles
Rated: PG
Warnings: rampant silliness
Disclaimer: All characters, except the OC slayer Kara, watcher Richard and watcher trainee Jason, belong to Joss and co.
Summary: Post Chosen: The slayer Kara faces the New Year with something missing from her life -- a male something. Unfortunately, she's in an entire building full of interruptions such as robots, dead witches, and suspicious fathers.
3,800 words.

(Note: Yes, this stars an original character, but give it a chance! Some of your favorites put in appearances. This story was originally published on at the end of December last year; I thought I'd post it again in honor of the holidays, because it's got a nice New Year's feel to it -- and because we could always use a little fun this time of year.)

Thanks to jillyh2009, otherwise known as my daughter, otherwise known as the original model for Kara, who didn’t appear overly mortified when I showed her this story.

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