December 4th, 2006

book cover humor

Fandom of Stars

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To pay tribute to award winners in many often underrated areas of fandom and inspiration. I was one of those lucky ones nominated, in the Unstoppable category:

for which I thank whoever nominated me. But the winner in that category:

is *truly* unstoppable, a genuis at art and graphics who's also willing and eager to help anyone with her talent. She just finished a graphic for one of my upcoming stories, and I stand in awe of her talent. Congrats to her and all the winners!
Four Friends

Buffy fanfiction: Four Friends -- "Seasonal Stalker"

Title: Seasonal Stalker
Author: ozma914
characters: Xander, Faith, Dana, Tara, Buffybot, Kara
Rated: PG
Warnings: decoration death (!)
Disclaimer: All characters, except the OC slayer Kara, belong to Joss and co.
Summary: The gang discovers still another danger of dealing with a slightly deranged slayer. 890 words. (Note: This takes place in my "Four Friends" universe, in which two questionable magical spells, one intended to repair Dana's shattered mind, led to the resurrection of the Buffybot and the secret return of Tara to a more or less living body.)

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