November 15th, 2006

Dawn writes

what I've been up to

I might as well have signed up for National Novel Writing Month!

I spent most of last weekend unable to get online for various reasons, but also not in the mood to do any of the many things that need doing around the house. So I decided to take the advice of many writing instructors, who quite sensibly say if you want to succeed as a writer you must put everything else aside and concentrate on writing. So I didn't clean, rake leaves, try to fix my leaking bathtub faucet, nothing -- I just got on the little old Mac OS9 laptop my daughter loaned me, and worked on a fanfic that I'd been slowly plugging away at ever since thexbatxbuckle and strangexgirl made requests for stories several weeks ago.

To make a long story short -- or the opposite, in this case -- I wrote over 10,000 words last weekend. The two very short stories I'd been planning have been combined as parts of a much larger idea, and the first draft ballooned up to over 21,000 words. Whether it will get longer or shorter with revision, I don't know yet ...

It will be either one of my better stories or a huge bomb, but it'll definitely be DIFFERENT. I tried hard to make it a piece of light, fun fluff, similar to my last story, "A Somewhat Less Than Forever Love". (Which got raves but, I noticed on, not a record number of readers). But the new story took on a life of its own and turns a bit dark and serious toward the end; maybe I should stop trying to write comedy when the weather turns cold.

It still counts more as comedy, I think. The title of the new story: "Mary Stu Got Harried".

I hope that counts as a tease, rather than a yawn. I'll get started on revisions.