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June 21st, 2006

Chain O' Lakes Festival Parade

Warning! Major pic spam, and not dial-up friendly!

I've been meaning to show some pics from our parade, but I've been so busy -- and I'm having trouble narrowing them down, but I finally bit the bullet. Basically, it's just your typical midwestern parade anyway, so if you've seen one marching band you've pretty much seen them all ...

Well, you start a parade -- at least, in Indiana -- with police cars and fire trucks. Here's our 1929 truck, Albion's first gasoline powered apparatus -- luckily no longer in service. The may not be able to guess, so I'll tell you the dog on the back isn't real.
1929PumpCollapse )

Instead of showing the Festival Queen -- that's SO been done -- I'm showing two of the Princesses. The one on the right would be -- ahem -- my daughter.
Princess_JillianCollapse )

The Lion's Club float, which I'm showing because my other daughter did a lot of the work on its posters. Like the previous dog, the lion's also not real. Just so you know.
I'm_not_LionCollapse )

These gentlement returned from Iraq just three days before the parade; naturally, they got the biggest applause of the day. But, as a reminder of the cost of freedom, the lady on the back is an Albionite who lost her son.
Hometown_HeroesCollapse )

The Grand Marshals, a local businessman and his wife, were brought to the reviewing stand by a one horsepower vehicle. Not very fast, but it gets over 30 miles to a bale of hay.
Horsing_AroundCollapse )

The Cub Scout Troop I was in. Insert your own Brownie and/or age joke here.
ScoutsCollapse )

One of our local businessmen restores antique military equipment as a hobby. This one not only saw action, but was also in some movies. I'm not sure how the Klan who were sneaking around town with their flyers felt about the black kid manning the .50 cal, but no Nazi soldiers were injured during the making of this parade.
Half_TrackCollapse )

An antique John Deere tractor -- we're big on antiques, here. When I was a kid one of these was used in fields all around my house, so its distinctive chug makes me very nostalgic.
John_Deere_GreenCollapse )

The end of the parade, so to speak, was brought up by the Scooper Brigade. Let's face it, the horses had to go somewhere ...
Oh,CrapCollapse )


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