June 9th, 2006

book cover humor

Chain O' Lakes Festival -- Princess

Jillian came in second place in the Chain O' Lakes Festival Queen contest this year. It's a penny per vote system, with each candidate having two cans: one they carry around for donations, one that's kept with their sponsor, which in Jillian's case was the pharmacy where her sister, Charis, works. (The money goes toward the Festival entertainment budget.) Six girls ran this year (although for some reason one didn't show for the presentation), and between them they raised almost a thousand bucks. Jillian lost the Queen position by only about two dollars! It was a squeaker, and I'm feeling a bit guilty because when Charis raided the ash tray full of change in my car, I told her to leave, just in case of emergency ... a couple of dollars. *sob*

Jillian's taking it much better than any of the rest of us. Not one tear: Just a determination to win it next year. In the pic below, she's the gal all the way to the left (and with the best dress, I might add). The queen is second from right.
Hopefully I'll get some pics of her in the parade tomorrow.

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