June 3rd, 2006

book cover humor

what's in a name?

I stole this from the aptly named elizalavelle

Go to www.google.com and do a search for "yournamehere looks like" (make sure you use quotation marks). Post your results:

The question mark looks like an English semicolon. (As if writing wasn't confusing enough)

mark LOOKS LIKE GRASS (And everyone needs a nice piece of grass.)

Hi Mark, looks like you are finally getting the warm up. (I'm being stalked! Or maybe that should have gone with the grass comment.)

mark looks like the one for Clark&Coombs. (Hey -- isn't that a funeral home!?)

Mark, looks like you´re right. (Finally!)

Mark, looks like another great series. (They read "Four Friends"!)

mark looks like your dream came true! (What? Where is she?!)

mark looks like, "3AnA3EHA MAPKA"/"3AnA3EHN MAPKN". (I could have told you that.)

Mark looks like the OLDEST one. (That's what I was afraid of)

mark looks like a cheap dollar-store tattoo. (That's the other thing I was afraid of.)
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Four Friends

Buffy fanfiction: Four Friends and a Watcher

NOTE: These stories appeared in chronological order on fanfiction.net, but for some reason I missed putting the first four up on LJ, so I'm correcting that now. This story, in which Giles considers a unique solution to his organizational problems, takes place the October after the events of "Chosen".


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