May 25th, 2006

Four Friends

Buffy fanfiction: Four Friends -- Appointment

Just a light drabble about a fateful day in a young girl’s life; written to clean up a detail that dates back to when I created Kara for my very first fanfic.

FOUR FRIENDS: Appointment

Her father wanted to come along, but Kara said “No way”. He wasn’t her watcher; besides, she didn’t want any watcher at all.

Tara, who was her watcher, just smiled, and said everything would be all right.

Dana was scared, and didn’t want to go near the place.

Bottie was also scared, and insisted on going in with Kara, but when they called Kara’s name she would let Buffybot go no further.

After all, Kara had been through this before. Besides, she’d fought vampires and demons -- what was the big deal about having her braces taken out?

The dentist agreed.