March 19th, 2006

book cover humor

I survived public speaking!

I survived my Noble County Historical Society presentation, and managed to get it out in only an hour and a half or so. The crowd turned out to be much smaller than was expected -- which may have disappointed some, but allowed me to be more relaxed,

As I was setting up for it at the fire station, our fire department got called out to a "small" grass fire that moved into a swamp and woods and endangered several homes, growing so large that 7 fire stations were dumped out to control it. I was very disappointed to be stuck at the station, because I love fighting brush fires ... but also relieved, because it means there were no firefighters in the audience as I gave my talk. Heck, I expected we'd get a call during the presentation! Murphy's Law of firefighting.

Also, it was my first chance to wear my Class B uniform. :-)

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