March 11th, 2006

book cover humor

It was Buffy Day and no one told me!

Well, happy 9th anniversary to Buffy, anyway.

Now, to business: I've been tagged by the effervescent cordelianne to write a list of the five things that are most effective in bribing me. Jeez, what WOULDN'T be effective? But I have to narrow it down, so:

1. Sex. Let's just be upright honest, people.

2. Chocolate. It's very close to being better than sex, if not quite.

3. A writing contract. Better yet, a three book deal.

4. A chance to play my OC BtVS fanfiction character, Richard, in a new Buffy movie. I'd be a great Richard. With a stuntman.

5. Cash. Enough of that pretty much covers everything else.

And now, to show I'm an equal opportunity annoyance, I tag: everyone! Can I do that?
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