November 29th, 2005

book cover humor

Life's simple pleasures

Sent to me by Curiouswombat. I know there's a way to tag people with this stuff, but at the moment I'm too tired and lazy to research it ... (And I've been on LJ for six months!) Still, it would be interesting to know what people consider to be simple pleasures. There are bound to be differences of opinion.

1. Chocolate, especially chocolate ice cream. You can't mess with the best.
2. Making people laugh, especially my daughters.
3. Reading a good book while warm and comfortable.
4. Sex. (Although it can be argued that this isn't a *simple* pleasure.)
5. A good back rub.

I'd like to put in a vote for two honorable mentions: listening to beautiful music without distractions, and the smell of flowers in the spring.
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