October 25th, 2005

book cover humor

Fanfiction survey

Do you read or write fanfiction?Yep.
When did you first start reading/writing fanfiction?Almost as soon as I got the internet, several years ago.
What was your first fandom?Star Trek. Don't tell.
First ship?I don't think I've really done one, as far as a story revolving around it. Am I bad?
What website do you use most?fanfiction.net and LiveJournal
What do you think of Fanfiction.net?I love it; I've never encountered any of the horror stories I've heard others talk about.
What fandoms have you written in?BtVS
Pairings?Again, none of my stories have centered on pairings -- yet
Any fandoms you would like to write in?I'm planning a BtVS/Gilmore Girls crossover. Seriously.
Do reviews affect how you write in any way?No, not really, but I pay attention to things that need correcting.
Do you use a beta?Yep! Best thing that could have happened to me.
What ratings do you read/write?Generally PG, or PG-13, but I'm open
What warnings have you used on your fiction/read?Not much of any ... am I too bland?
Do you have any squicks?Um ... what's a squick?
Do you Role-play online? If so, what?No, no time. Sounds like fun, though.
Have you ever stolen something from another person's work?No, never.
Favorite fandom to write/read?BtVS
Favorite pairing?It's not about the pairing, it's about how the pairing is handled.
Favorite writer/writers?Too many to list -- there are a lot of good writers out there!
How long should a chapter be?Long enough, but not too long. I see no point in imposing limits
Do you write/read drabbles?Sure -- but I'm not that great at writing them.
Any fandoms you avoid?Not really.
Pairings you avoid?Andrew/anybody. I don't know why, they just annoy me
Warnings you avoid?Not yet
Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is?No; I've seen some great stories that got very few reviews
What do you think of Mary Sues?Again, it's all about how they're handled. Some are actually pretty good, while most are really terrible.
Have you ever flamed someone?No, and I'm not going to.
Have you ever been flamed?Not yet!
That's it, aren't you glad?Yes ... I was terribly dull in that one. I must be tired.

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