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So far in my poll, 40.7% of you thought I should have replied, to the lady who called 911 to report a grave on fire: "Well, I guess we know where he went". hee!
27 responses!

Switching hats, I turned to my part-time newspaper job, and possibly tread thin ice in my article about the incident:

A 911 caller reported a grave on fire north of Ligonier early Sunday.

Despite the obvious jokes -- "guess we know which direction that one went" -- the answer turned out to be less than supernatural: groundskeepers were thawing out the ground to dig a new grave.

Police were called to a cemetery near SR 5 and 1100 N at 5:47 a.m., when a caller spotted subjects in a van acting suspiciously at the nearby church. The van had left by the time officers arrived, leaving behind a setup that was using flames to warm the ground beneath a gravesite. It was confirmed by neighbors that one of the subjects seen there was a known caretaker, and they were simply making it easier to excavate a new grave.

Shortly afterward a passer-by called 911, reporting a grave on fire at the same location. She was assured that it was for a planned burial -- rather than something coming out.

Meanwhile, this is my rating? Seriously, am I that white bread?

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