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winter ... hell ... same difference.

So, I bet that my problem was cat allergies, and my oldest bet that it was the flu or something equally icky. The doctor said sinusitis -- basically, a sinus infection -- made a bit worse by the cat allergies. I guess she wins.

He prescribed fifty bucks or so worth of antibiotics and the generic for Allegra, which I started taking yesterday. I'm still wheezing and having sinus headaches, but I don't notice that as much over the nausea, dry-mouth, and grogginess. So the question is, do prescription drugs really help a problem, or just mask it with side effects? :-)

Somehow, even though I didn't end up with some exotic illness that they write textbooks about, I've got to get a column out of this one ... I've been so busy with the class that I'm behind on my newspaper writing.

Meanwhile, I've noticed that about 3/4 of the people on my flist have been having health problems lately, and meanwhile 3/4 of the people living in my house have been sick. So what am *I* bitching about? Hope everyone's feeling better soon ...

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