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can I call myself headmaster?

I keep forgetting to mention, the class went pretty well Wednesday.

I got through the whole introduction thing, passing out materials, talking about the schedule, and all the busy work. We had one more student than I anticipated, so I had to contact the state Department of Homeland Security for more materials and to say I had an eighth person who would need certified. Haven't heard back from them yet, and if they don't say yes, I can't test that eighth guy out -- so keep your fingers crossed.

The teaching went fairly well. It's very dry material -- and it doesn't get much wetter, as we cover safety, laws and regulations, classroom preparation, and so on. I think I did okay ... don't know for sure. How'd I do, Spence? You drop by sometimes. :-)

At about 9 p.m., as I was getting my hopes up that we'd finish the safety section that night, the page went off for the accident that I posted pictures of in my last post. Considering the snowy weather, I suppose I should consider myself lucky we got that far!

So, off we go. Seven more weeks, then the certification test, and that's when we'll see how well I did. Then I'm planning to take them to the next level, from Instructor I certification to Instructor II/III certification -- and then let them loose on an unsuspecting world of rookie firefighters.
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