Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

for you Star Trek fans

I got this from strangexgirl ... thought it might be fun, assuming it doesn't start a kerfluffle among all those Trekkers. :-)

The situation: The Enterprise is under attack and various commanders have only enough time for one last order. How is this tense situation handled by different characters?

Scotty: "Why, ya lily-livered poor excuse for a silly puddy potato head, I oughta blastya t'Ceti Alpha Six!"
McCoy: "I'm a doctor, not a solider!"
Geordi: "Reroute the phase inducers and heterodyne the frequency of the warp coil!"
Worf: "yopwaHHomwIj yISop, romuluSngan (Eat my shorts, Romulan)!"
Spock: (Raises eyebrow)
Data: "Romulan commander! Your actions are most unnecessary and are not in keeping with the established treaties. May I advise you of the current political situation which threatens the very continuity of the principles involved. A corollary I might point out would be that of..."
Riker: "Shields UP! Red ALERT! Captain to the BRIDGE!"
Picard: "Open hailing frequencies so that I can cower and plead!"
Troi: "I feel, I feel, uhhhhh!"
Kirk: "FIRE!"
Tags: humor, science fiction, star trek
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