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another pet bites the dust ...

from my oldest daughter's LJ:

R.I.P Little Morelli =(

Today after a long hard fight with cancer Morelli the hamster passed. Bought December 27,2006 from Petco, Morelli spent most of his time resting in his wood-land-getaway and running in his wheel. Ranger had an adventurous soul always looking for adventures such running in his ball and escapingto the unknown. He enjoyed his lazy days of sunflower seeds and salt savors while burrowing in his favorite hole.

He is proceeded in death by his life partner Ranger. Surviving are his caregivers Jillian and Mark.

A memorial service will be held in the back yard when the ground thaws. His remains will be on display in the garage for those who wish to pay their respects.
Tags: family, pets
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