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Oh, I've seen wetter. But not recently.

Notice I avoided mentioning my leaking ceiling ... which is really old news, come to think of it.

High water from rains and snow melt continued to cause problems in Noble County last week, as floods threatened homes and stalled vehicles across the area.

Although the Noble County Highway Department ran out of high water signs because of the large amount of flooded areas, several incidents were reported of drivers getting stalled after ignoring signs already in place. Highway Department personnel closed some roads, such as CR 600N near 200W, which was shut down Wednesday night after several vehicles including SUV's had to turn around.

Another section of 600N, near CR 400W, became a problem later in the week. On Friday afternoon a car with three occupants reportedly became stranded in high water there. Albion firefighters responded to the scene with a boat at 4:23 p.m., but the car was reportedly pulled from the flooded area without further incident.

Another car became stuck at the same spot just before 4 p.m. Saturday, according to the Noble County Sheriff's Department. Vehicles also became stranded in high water on CR 500E, near 60N; 500E, near 100N; and in three cases on 600E, north of 600S.

High water was also reported at 50W and 75S, near Meadow Lanes west of Kendallville and in other areas including state highways.

Meanwhile, as water drained into area lakes it threatened nearby homes, bringing area emergency responders out to place sandbags in the flood's path. The Noble County Emergency Management Agency monitored conditions at the Sylvan Lake Dam and the West Lakes area downstream, as well as other spots around Noble County.

Flooding was reported at Mitchell, Skinner, Steinbarger, Smalley, Upper Long, and Waldron Lakes, among other places. Noble Township fire units were called to Keck Drive on Smalley Lake twice in two days, to help protect a residence. Albion firefighters assisted with sandbag at Oakwood Drive, Upper Long Lake.

Albion, Orange Township, and Kendallville firefighters worked together to protect a Frantz Drive neighborhood, between Waldron and Steinbarger Lakes. Workers were on the scene there from just before 1 a.m. to almost 4:30 a.m. Friday.

Flooding in the West Lakes area was so severe that Noble County EMA director Michael T. Newton arranged for filled sandbags to be available in strategic locations around ther area, with more sand and bags ready to go at the old Rome City garage in that town. Sandbags were also available at the Noble County Highway Department in Albion.
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