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Sorry I've been missing; everyone in my house has been suffering a bad head cold, leading in my case to much medicated sleeping; in addition to that I worked a little overtime to replace a day shift dispatcher, who sadly suffered a miscarriage last week. Also, we spent the day Saturday at jillyh2009's first show choir contest of the year (they came in #1 of the all-girl groups). Now I'm playing catch-up; give me a few days or so.

I find the results of this quiz I took ... unnerving. (I stole it from elizalavelle)

I'm a midwest moderate, meaning, to the rest of the world, that I'm right-leaning in most areas. Or so I thought. My opinion of Hillary Clinton is based on her statements and actions up to and including her two terms as co-President (You might remember her statement, "We are the President") and her early congressional career. I haven't paid much attention to her specifically in the last year, because there's no point deciding on a candidate until I find out which few will still be in the running when the Indiana primary finally comes around.

72% Hillary Clinton
70% John Edwards
70% Bill Richardson
69% Barack Obama
67% Joe Biden
67% John McCain
64% Rudy Giuliani
63% Mitt Romney
59% Chris Dodd
58% Mike Huckabee
57% Fred Thompson
49% Tom Tancredo
48% Mike Gravel
41% Dennis Kucinich
26% Ron Paul

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Frankly, based on what I know about her, I'd rather crawl over acid soaked broken glass naked than vote for Hillary Clinton. mona_minya was puzzled because I said most of the Democrat candiates are too liberal (and most of the Republicans too conservative), but now I'm wondering. Have they been taking more moderate positions since the election cycle began, reflected in this quiz? Or is the average Hoosier centrist less conservative than I thought? I'm going to have to think on this ... meanwhile, I believe I'll drop out of commenting on the election campaign until our primary gets closer and I've had time to study the records and positions of whoever's still standing.

Basically I'm looking for someone who's on the offensive against crime and terrorism, and who wants to protect our borders, slash the bloated federal government, protect individual rights, be honest and open with the American people (when it doesn't interfere with fighting the war), get us away from foreign (or any) oil, and work with other nations to encourage democracy. Gee, that shouldn't be too hard.
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