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Thanks so much to everyone who sent us Christmas cards this year! I wasn't able to say anything about it before because of my evil plot: To surprise Emily by having her name on as many of the cards as possible, as a way of welcoming her to Albion. It worked -- she was surprised! :-) Thanks again to everyone who helped make her welcome in her new home. She'll be here until early summer, when I'll take her back down to Missouri for her summer job. Assuming I have a car that will make the trip. (The check engine light came on as we approached her home. It seems to be a bad sensor, but it didn't help my stress levels.)

My youngest daughter went with me to get Emily, while my oldest and her boyfriend got the house straightened up and had a lasagne dinner waiting when we tired travelers finally arrived home. I put in 18 hours of driving in two days. The next day was Christmas Eve, and we got together for pot roast and presents, and Christmas morning we gathered at my mother's house for a brunch. After meeting most of my family, Emily did *not* ask to be taken back to Missouri. I consider this a good sign. :-)

Pictures to follow, as soon as I can get them downloaded!
Tags: christmas, strangexgirl
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