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Writer's Block: What A Character

Write about a literary character who changed you in some way.

Strange as it sounds, my answer would be Dorothy Gale of Kansas. Not as played in the 1939 movie, but as I discovered her in the Oz books when I was a kid. She was just a regular kid living out in the middle of nowhere, but she was also smart, gutsy, plain speaking, and succeeded by being kind and helpful, rather than clawing over others.

Naturally, I developed a crush on her. :-) (Oh, and Dorothy Gale is blonde, dammit!)

She was a regular person from the rural midwest who managed to have grand adventures while also being true to herself. It was her adventures that started my lifelong fascination with reading, and that led directly to me wanting to document the adventures of others. My first fanfic was a Mary Sue about a trip to Oz -- I've been spinning stories ever since. Without Dorothy, it's hard to tell what kind of person I would have become, but I wouldn't be me.


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Dec. 10th, 2007 01:23 am (UTC)
ooooh - please tell me you've seen Tin Man - what a brilliant homage to OZ.
Dec. 10th, 2007 05:49 am (UTC)
Yes. It does sound strange. Hehe. Of course, my first literary love was Colin from The Secret Garden. Even stranger, I'm sure. However, it really probably says something about taste. I'm willing to bet you like strong and independent women. And I like people who need me to take care of them and challenge me to help them. What is that? Co-dependency? Ah, let's REALLY not get into the psychology of that. >.<'

Anyway, interesting entry. I really do understand about that first book that really made you want to read, or even write. For me it was 'The Little Princess' that made me want to surround myself with books. (Yes it's the same author as 'The Secret Garden. >.>)
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