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50771 / 50000 words. 102% done!

Nope, nowhere near done yet ... I'm guestimating I've got another 5,000 - 10,000 words to go before the first draft is complete. And then the revision begins! But my writing will slow down a bit, because strangexgirl is coming in a little over three weeks and there's much to be done. :-)

Dad sat across from me, crossed his arms, and stared up toward the white tiled ceiling. “Look, if you’re careful with your money you’ll have some saved up in no time. I’ll co-sign a loan for the rest, and joyfully welcome you into the world of spending money as fast as you make it. Meanwhile, if any temporary work comes along, I’ll see what I can do about steering it your way.”

That’s when the phone rang.

You know how sometimes you get this creepy feeling, like something way too coincidental to be coincidence is happening? Well, sometimes it’s just coincidence.
Dad grabbed the cordless off the counter, answered, listened for a moment, gave a mild curse, then muttered a “Sure, I’ll be there”, and hung up. I wasn’t paying much attention, being busy plotting how to make some money fast, and took only subconscious note of the speculative look on his face.

“I might have something for you already.”

That’s when the tingly coincidence thing hit me. “Child prostitution is illegal, Dad.”

“So is adult – never mind. I’ve been called into work tonight, Lopez has the flu.”

“You want me to drive you to the calls?”

“That would be premature. No, I’m thinking you might be able to take over for me on the other job I had lined up for tonight.”

He rubbed his chin, obviously still wondering whether it was a good idea, while I tried to figure out what he was talking about. Dad took odd jobs every once in a great while, but the only thing he’d been doing recently was some grunt work for the town’s local private detective.

You don’t think --? I sat up straight, running my shin into the table leg. “Ow! Oh my gosh, what work?”

“If you think you can be way quieter than you just were …” He leaned forward, fixing me with a stare. “How would you like to play detective tonight?”
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