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novel synopsis, if you're interested ...

My NaNoWriMo Progress

After I posted a snippet of my novel in progress, winsomeone asked some questions about the character and pointed out that she hated to come into a story in the middle. Very good point -- here I'd written a scene without saying what the story's about! So, if anyone's interested, here's a very quick synopsis (without giving anything away) of what you'll be seeing on the bookshelves in 2012:

Teenager Cassidy Quinn is trying to save up money to buy a car. When her father, Con, is called into his full time job in their southern Indiana town, he reluctantly lets her take over his part time assignment for a local private detective -- surveillance on a businessman suspected of cheating on his wife.

It seems safe enough. Cassidy can spy from her sister's coffee shop, and there's no hint that she'll have anything to do but take pictures of a man and woman entering a closed insurance agency late at night. But Cassidy didn't count on the fact that the businessman is her best friend's father. She also didn't count on the evening ending with a dead body, and the disappearance of her friend's entire family.

When someone puts word out on the street that Cassidy is the only witness -- and may be involved in the crime -- she becomes the talk of the town, and not in a good way. Mysterious, threatening people follow her around, and when she finally hears from her friend it's a dire warning that they're all in danger. Now Cassidy and Con, with the help of their own, somewhat oddball relatives, must track down the missing family -- before they end up among the missing, too.

I have to say, as much as I love writing, that I really miss reading fanfic. A lot of my friends have posted interesting looking stories the last few weeks, and I was already behind as it was ... but I just don't have time to do any fun reading if I'm going to hit my word count while still juggling everything else that's going on. *sigh* It's always a trade off.
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