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Check this out: I stumbled across a geneology website (thanks to strangexgirl -- long story) and was surprised to discover my granfather's name. Although I should have been writing, I couldn't stop myself from working my way back, and bit by bit I continued on until I came to this:

Name: Daniel TRIPLETT
Sex: M
Birth: 1734 in Va, Prince William, Va, U.S.A.
!Daniel Triplett was born around 1734 in prince williams county Va. He
was the
son of Francis Triplett. The family moved to Loudin County Va, there his
father died and left Daniel and his brother William 305 acers of land to
divided between them. As that was not enough to support there growing
they moved away. Daniel was in Caswell County, N.C. tax list in 1777
with his
brother john and in the 1790 census of wilkes County N.C. but not in the
census. He did not leave a will. He had 5 known children. Daniel
Elizabeth, last name unknown.

One of his descendents married an Eva Wicker, who was sister to Simon Hunter, who was my grandfather. Someone in my family has managed to trace our roots back to 1734!

Notice that Daniel disappeared from North Carolina sometime between 1790 and 1800 (and the family ended up in Kentucky). This would support the story I once heard that one of my descendents was an American Revolution veteran who killed someone in North Carolina, and had to flee into the Appalachians, although I've seen no proof of the story itself. So, thanks to Daniel, my family has been moving north ever since -- if it wasn't for him I'd be in the warm, balmy Carolinas all winter!

For anyone who's interested in search their own roots, the site is here:
I don't know if it's a very good site, or if I just got lucky with a relative who was willing to do the digging.

This is so exciting!

Yeah, I'm a geek. Your point?
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