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Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Oops, sorry -- you have to be a member to view my post over at wild_photos, and I forgot. So, I'm reposting it here, please disregard my link post!

Okay, here's the thing: I've posted pics from around my home, Albion Indiana, twice now. In October I took a trip to see strangexgirl in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and since she and I are both rabid picture takers, I thought I'd post some that I took in her neck of the woods, this time around. (With her permission, of course.) So I present you the mostly rural area of Poplar Bluff, which is in southeastern Missouri not far from the Mississippi River -- and also not far from the infamous New Madrid fault line, which produced the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in North America.

The obligatory crossing the Mississippi River, of course ...
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My area of Indiana is so relatively flat ... I miss pictures of outcroppings like this, which I saw quiet often in childhood trips to Kentucky. I didn't realize until I was older that they were man-made, from punching roads through the hills.
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strangexgirl's college ... I didn't realize until preparing for this that I have hardly any pictures of buildings at all. That's odd, because I usually take a frighteningly large number of them.
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The first full day I was there a tornado warning went out, and there were reports of touchdowns the next county over. The next day, the same system dropped a tornado on Nappannee, a town one county over from my hometown, Albion. I swear it has nothing to do with me. This is the storm retreating, taking from behind Emily's house -- it's probably a microburst you're seeing, although I could see the wall cloud as it passed by.
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We're, um, so cultured in America ...
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Yeah, I take pictures of fire stations -- it's a thing. I stopped for a special pic of this one, because I've got a thing for the number 14. It's a poor and largely rural area, and they don't have the tax base for fancy firehouses, but they're just as dedicated.
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Have you ever heard the song "Poke Salad Annie"? No? Well, I'd heard of poke, but I'd never seen it -- turns out it grows in Missouri, and yes, can be made into a salad. Emily's mother makes it, along with fried green tomatoes!
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Strange that I got no pictures of buildings -- ahem -- well, none that turned out -- but a bunch of cemetery photos. Emi and I like to visit cemeteries, what can I say? We're strange like that. In this case I kept telling her to move just a bit, and she never figured out until I showed her the picture that I was trying to frame her next to the heart-shaped tombstone. Missouri cemeteries are unique and evocative, and I'll probably do a pic spam of just cemetery images someday.
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Okay, that's it for now, too much for one post. Poplar Bluff is actually a good sized town, with 30,000 people are so. It even has two high-rises, 14 story buildings that are totally out of place in a community of that size. But none of my pics taken in the town came out! Moving car does not mix with moving Mark. The terrain is fairly rugged, and it's an up and down town in a lot of places. All around it is a very rural terrain, and it was beautiful, although some spots got a bit spooky in the middle of the night. Speaking of which, I leave you with a sunset pic taken from -- you guessed it -- a cemetery.
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If nobody minds, I'm going to do another post from a place near Poplar Bluff called Camp Latonka, a Girl Scout camp -- which gave me some really great outdoor shots.
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