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interests meme

I hadn't planned on doing this because of time constraints, but crossreactivity asked -- and they are the things I'm *interested* in, after all, so how could I not talk about them? Here's what she chose for me:

1. Battlestar Galactica: spaceships. Shootouts. It's what every science fiction/space opera geek wants! But the remake is *so* much better ... after all, I was a teen when I fell in love with the cheesy original.

2. classical music: Star Wars. The classical style soundtrack thrilled me so much that I started seeking out all manner of instrumental music, so it's a John Williams science fiction movie soundtrack that led me to my love of classical! I fail to understand how anyone can fail to be taken by the 1812 Overture ...

3. history: In a similar way, I used to watch war movies as a kid, which led to buying toy soldiers and guns and such, which led to an interest in military history, which eventually led to a love of all history. Now that I understand how terribly important understanding history is to dealing with the present, I love it even more. Ah, the History Channel ... *sigh* :-)

4. John R. Neill was the illustrator who did the drawings for books 2-14 of L. Frank Baum's Oz series (Dorothy's blonde, dammit!) After Baum died, Neill illustrated several more Oz books by other authors, and eventually wrote a few books himself. (My icon is his art) Many of the characters from the movie Return to Oz, including Ozma, were based on his concepts, but not Dorothy herself ... did I mention she's supposed to be blonde?

5. romantic comedies: Ah, my secret vice. I love humor, and I love happy endings, and a good romantic comedy provides plenty of both. See the Sandra Bollock movies While You Were Sleeping and Two Weeks Notice for good examples. I've written three such books, one of which I just entered in the novel contest.

6. photography: I guess I've always been both an observer and a packrat; the natural result of that would be to photograph and keep memories. I love model photography, but it's hard to find models who will work for what I can afford to pay (nothing); I also do a great deal of scenery/nature photography, and I'm the fire department's official photographer. Most of the photos on my PhotoBucket account are done by me:

7. Wizard of Oz: I was too young to read when my parents bought me the 1960's edition of the original Oz books, the novels L. Frank Baum wrote about the Land of Oz. I fell in love; and that only strengthened when we started watching the 1939 Judy Garland version of the first book, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". It became a big Television Event once a year, before cable and videotape. I was in my 20's before I realized I wasn't the only one who remembered the books; in fact, it wasn't until then that I discovered there were dozens more Oz books, published after Baum's death.

And in every single one of them, except the first, Dorothy's blonde, dammit!
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