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my week off

My week "off" involved extreme suckage. Have you ever felt like you've spent all your time spinning your wheels, and never accomplishing anything? Yeah, that.

I did get to go to my daughter's show choir competition; they came within 1 point of making third place, which is much better than she thought they were going to do for the short amount of practice time they got.

Otherwise, the sum total of my accomplishments for the week involved:

Getting *half* the back porch cleaned out. (In fairness, considering the condition of the back porch, that was actually pretty good.)

Mowing the lawn. (This involved time spent trying and failing to figure out why my mower is leaking oil so badly.)

Trying, and failing, to kill off the flea infestation in my house. The youngest spent the week with me and has serious allergies and asthma, so I cut down on the heavy-duty poison saturation bombing I'd been doing -- chemical warfare. We had about three "clean" days, then they were back. However, strangexgirl introduced me to an inexpensive method of flea control, involving setting a bowl of soapy water under a small light; apparently the fleas jump for the light, land in the water, and are killed by the soap. It hasn't done away with the whole colony, but it's killing a lot of them.

That's it. Sum total.

I announced at the beginning of that week that I'd be disappearing from my flist for awhile, but I find that almost impossible to do. My plan was to keep in touch by reading everyone's posts, and to save time by not making any comments. I find it almost impossible to do that; if one of my flist deserves congratulations, needs encouragement or sympathy, or just hasn't gotten any comments (their post looks *so* lonely!) I just can't pass by without saying *something*; it just doesn't seem right.

*Sigh* I'm finally starting to understand why so many girls broke up with me because I was too much of a "nice guy". We'll see how good I am at disciplining myself during National Novel Writing Month.
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