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About a hundred American firefighters die in the line of duty every year. Each of these tragedies should be noted, but every now and then one grabs my attention more than usual:

Those of you who read my Buffy fanfic story "Search and Rescue" might remember that my OC watcher, Richard, was a former member of the Madison, Indiana, Fire Department. In the story, he's mourning the death of a fellow Madison firefighter, killed in the line of duty.

When I created Richard and his slayer daughter, Kara, way back for my first story, having them live in a place called Madison was a whim. Madison is a real city, which I've visited only once; it's a beautiful place, along the Ohio River in southern Indiana.

The firefighter mentioned in that story was a real person, who died in a fire down there, and I conceived the tale second as part of a fiction challenge, but first as a tribute to him. Now, another Madison firefighter has died in the line of duty:

We regret to advise you that Firefighter Jerry W. Stucker, age 53, of Madison (Indiana), died while on a fire call yesterday. At the time of his death, FF Stucker was on-duty as a Firefighter-EMT in the loss prevention department of the Dow Corning Company in Carrollton, KY. He had been with Dow Corning for the past eleven years. FF Stucker died while operating at a hazmat spill...he was catching a hydrant and collapsed from a massive heart attack.

FF Stucker was also a member of the Clifty 6 Fire and Rescue Company, where he had been a member for twenty-seven years. He was also a member the Indiana Firefighters Association and the Kentucky Firefighters Association. He leaves behind his wife, his parents, two sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, one grandson and many other family and friends.

Funeral services will be at 1300 hours Monday, September 17, 2007 at the First Baptist Church, Madison, with interment to follow in Fairmount Cemetery. Friends and family may call from 1400 until 2000 hours Sunday, September 16, 2007 (tomorrow) at Lytle Funeral Chapel, where the Clifty 6 Fire Company will conduct memorial services at 1800 and from 1100 until time of services on Monday at the church. Here is the Clifty 6 Fire Company website:
As always, our deepest sympathies go out to all effected but especially the family of FF Stucker.
Take care-BE CAREFUL.
The Secret List 9-15-07 / 2045 hours
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