Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

The Albion Fire Department Has Bigger fish to Fry

The fish fry is on!

I mean, if you happen to be close enough to come to Albion for a fish fry. If you're a fan from France or, say,  a friend from Sudan, it might be a bit long to travel for one meal.

The Albion Fire Department's annual fish fry--which happens annually--is on for the Wednesday of the Chain O' Lakes Festival, June 9th, from 4:30-7 p.m. This year will again be carry out only, with a drive-through set up, but the route will be different.

This year cars can enter off East Park Drive, going by the Albion Municipal building to where a ramp leads down into the fire station parking lot. (This route is ordinarily closed to the general public.) Occupants can pick up their order, then leave through the regular fire station entrance onto Fire Station Drive. (It's traditional, when a town has a Fire Station Drive, to build the fire station there.)

Adult Meals will be $11, and Kid's meals $7. Fish and/or Tenderloin will be on the menu along with applesauce, chips, and tarter sauce.

With the pandemic continuing, this will provide a level of protection over the inside dining of the past and make it easier on our manpower needs, which can be stretched when calls come in during Festival week.

We hope to see everyone there! We're at 210 Fire Station Drive, on the east end of town.


Don't forget that our book Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights, a history of the AFD, is also a fund raiser for the department. There should be copies at the station, and you can also order it through one of the links below--it's $9.95 for a print copy, and $1.99 as an e-book. Fully illustrated! Well, some illustrated."Mark R Hunter"

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