Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Famous, Infamous, or In Prison: Making It as a Humor Writer

 More Slightly Off the Mark: Why I Hate Cats, and Other Lies, was featured May 7 (today as I write this) on Bargain Booksy. It's a newsletter where you can find bargain books, see? (Oh, now I get it.) Their website is here:

You may not get their newsletter, but the price is still a buck ninety-nine for the e-book, and only $7.50 for the print version. That's less than most fast food meals--and without the cholesterol.

Just to clarify, if you read the subtitle carefully you'll realize it states that I do NOT hate cats. Got it? I don't want another repeat of that time when PETA burned a scratching post on my front yard.

See? We're having a great time.

Many people say humor doesn't sell, but I disagree. All you really need to sell a humor book is an author who's famous, infamous, or in prison. I'm working on it.

Anyway, More Slightly Off the Mark is the sequel to Slightly Off the Mark, and a modern day examination of humor columns I originally wrote twenty years ago. It is, in my considerable opinion, one of the two best books of humor columns ever written in my house ... I'll give you that I haven't looked into who owned the place since the Powells lived here in the fifties. I suppose it's theoretically possible that Fred Markey, who carved his name on my garage wall in 1879, also published a book of humor columns. Maybe I shouldn't be so full of myself.

 In any case, the key to sounding wildly successful is to be specific. Claiming to be the best humor writer in Indiana would be a big mistake. Claiming to be the best one in Albion is questionable, although I've heard that idea does make people laugh.

I'm not even the only writer in my own house.



More Slightly Off the Mark: Why I Hate Cats, and Other Lies is just $1.99 on Kindle—free on Kindle Unlimited—and is also available in print for $7.50. Find it on Amazon:

Or on the author's website:


Remember to support authors—because most have pets to feed, even if they're not cats.


"Whoa, wait--what about paying for pet food?""Mark R Hunter"

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