Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Taking the Promotion Poll Position

 Time for a poll!

I mean, a survey--get your dancing mind out of the gutter.

I just realized, it's been over four months since I did any kind of promotion or advertising at all for our books. This is not how one should run a business, but it's easy to do, since I have a hard time thinking of writing as a business.

Last year, I spent ... well, more money than I took in, advertising. Yes, it produced an increase in sales, but it's hard to tell how much, and what worked best. To paraphrase the old joke, there are three good ways to promote books, but nobody knows what they are.

The other question is, which books to promote? We won't be able to get a new book out as soon as I'd hoped this year, but I have a dozen or so previously published ones to keep on everyone's reading radar. (Didn't LeVar Burton host Reading Radar?)

Should it be the most recent one, More Slightly Off the Mark?


Or my first published novel, which sees its tenth anniversary later this year?

(It's the one on the left.)

Or maybe I should go by genre, since I've written in more genres than Congress has pay raises. Humor doesn't sell worth crap unless you're already famous, so maybe I should give up on it or get an HBO special, or maybe a prison term, which always ups sales.

Maybe I should do a poll. Anyone know how to do a poll? Me, either. Let me check around.


Okay, well, now I know how to do that. Let's try again:

Or if that doesn't work, try this:

They should both go to the same place. If one of them works, you should be able to tell me what to spend my money on to get you to spend your money! I mean, if we're not getting rich we might as well have fun, right?"Mark R Hunter"


Tags: books, humor writing, promotion, reading, writing

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