Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Happy Spring Trails to You

 Emily's going back to work (I mean, other than editing our books), with the Pokagon Saddle Barn opening up Easter weekend--and every weekend until Memorial Day, when they'll go all week long.

They feature trail rides, which are, well, rides ... on trails. On horses. Keep up.

Although Pokagon is a State Park, the saddle barns are contracted--so they're one of those many small businesses who could use your support in this time of pandemics and such. Last year they didn't open at all until Memorial Day weekend, and had very little advanced notice to get ready. Hopefully things will go more smoothly this year.

Last year I caught Beowulf trading racing tips with some of the Pokagon steeds. What with them not being human, I'm not sure it was illegal.

It's just another sign that spring is here. And boy, this past winter was a particularly long one, wasn't it?


May all your trails be happy ones.

As for me, I just finished polishing a novel that involves state parks, horses, and dogs (and murder, but never mind), and the Pokagon Saddle Barn is certainly one place that gave me inspiration for it. Hopefully I can use it to inspire a literary agent to take me on, or at least get a trail ride.

Tags: beowulf, emily, horses, pokagon, pokagon state park, state parks, trailride

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