Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Sing Along With This Month's Newsletter

 I've been mostly offline due to being deathly ill for the last several days. (It was only a nasty head cold: Emily and I just felt like we were on the edge of death.) Luckily I'd scheduled our monthly newsletter just before that, and you can find it here:

Of course, you can just subscribe to it, no questions asked. Once a month or so you get a cute picture of the dog, some writing stuff, and news or lack thereof about my attempts to get published again. Most people show up for the dog photo, I think.

But this particular newsletter has something different: a little song I wrote. Very little. Join us, and you probably won't be sorry! (Just so you know, we did not have a computer virus.)


You've seen this photo before, but in the newsletter it's usually a new one.

Tags: beowulf, medical stuff, newsletter, song writing, songs, spring, writing

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