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Fatal Fire in 9/11 damaged New York building

As Firefighters everywhere, especially in NYC grieve the horrific Line of Duty Deaths of FDNY Firefighters Joseph Graffagnino and Robert Beddia from E-24/L-5 yesterday, it is hard to not see the terrorist murders of 9/11 again extending to the loss of these two Firefighters. FF Beddia, 53, had been a Firefighter for 23 years; FF Graffagnino, 33, had been with the FDNY for eight years...both were trapped and ran out of air.

The building is a "war torn" reminder that the USA was attacked on 9/11/01....and then yesterday, 2 more FDNY Firefighters were a fire that would not have happened if 9/11 never happened. But it did-and they died yesterday. Actually, many have died since 9/11, due to 9/11. There are many other Firefighters, EMS and Cops who have died due to attack related illnesses, since 9/11. Sadly, the Country doesn't really always seem to realize it...or at least act like it. But yesterday, 2 more FDNY Firefighters, Beddia and Graffagnino, were killed, related to 9/11, adding 2 more to the numbers.

9-11-07: Is it too soon to again plan and make sure your community IS planning a 9/11 remembrance in just a few weeks? Nah. Remember what your area and community did immediately following 9/11 and just do it again. Nothing currently being planned by your community? That's embarrassing. Let the FD take the we should.

COMPLICATIONS: While understanding the 9/11 connection, other questions are coming out related to yesterdays fatal fire as well. Firefighters faced nasty conditions with plywood sheets propped up against walls, areas altered, confusing access and boxes of equipment and crap all around. Because the building was under demolition, there was also the issue of asbestos with the asbestos removal going on. The building is also covered in scaffolding and black construction webbing. The building standpipes were not usable as code requires and all lines had to be manually stretched-adding to the complications. FF's Graffagnino and Beddia were found on the 14th and 15th floors.

FAMILY: And then there is the nightmare that the loved ones go, for example, another Grandma lost another Grandson. "It's so awful, I don't know what to do. My whole family is distraught," Graffagnino's tearful grandma Connie Marchisotto, 90, told media. "This is horrible." The grieving grandma said she feared the worst when she saw the fire on TV. "I turned on the news to check on the weather and I saw this breaking news," Marchisotto said. "He was my grandson, so many good memories." The eight-year FDNY vet would have turned 34 this week. FF Beddia, 53, was 23-year FDNY vet and Staten Island resident.

HISTORY: FF Graffagnino and Beddia's firehouse is sadly, no stranger to LODD's....they lost 11 Firefighters on 9/11. You should also remember that Engine 24 and Ladder 5 was the home of the late Captain John Drennan, FF's James Young, 31, and Christopher Siedenburg, 25, who were killed in that fire at 62 Watts Street in Manhattan on March 28, 1994. What I remember most is hearing what Captain Drennan went through....that he lived for 40 days with 4th degree burns over most of his body. His wife Vina, to this day is on a mission related to Firefighter survival and she serves on the Board of Directors of the NFFF.

Our sympathies go out to all effected, especially the members of E-24 and L-5...but especially the families of FF Graffagnino & FF Beddia.
Take Care-plan for 9-11-07 now...because in so many cases, if the FF's don't, it won't happen.
The Secret List 8-19-07 / 1556 Hours
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