Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Coming Attractions down, word count up

NaNoWriMo update: 35,000 words into the new novel!

Just an update on our newest book, More Slightly Off the Mark: We had to make some changes, and that screwed up formatting, and things happened, pandemic, yadayada ... anyway, it's back up for sale in print and e-book. If you ordered a copy direct from us, there will be a slight delay in delivery, for which I'm deeply sorry. I blame 2020.


 It's that time of year again ... that time when we think about Christmas and completely forget the fact that there's still another major holiday before then.

While I'm firmly of the "too much Christmas lessons the holiday" opinion, I'm also well aware that many of you are already searching for Christmas presents. Honestly, it's a good idea, and I should do it myself someday. But until then, here's another idea for Christmas presents:

Yes, books. If you already knew, why did you let me go on for so long?

In addition to previously dropping prices on some of our other books, we recently dropped the e-book price of Coming Attractions from $2.99 to $1.99, which according to my admittedly weak math is close to a dollar off, and in the area of half the cost of a four dollar book. 

As usual, you can go direct and get it and our other books on the website:


In that case you can get it signed ... which is kind of like your own personal graffiti, already in the book when you get it. No extra price for my defacing! Heck, it should drop the price.

Needless to say, of course, you can also get it and the other books on Amazon:

I'm hearing some people aren't leaving Amazon this year. At all. I'm more of a brick and mortar guy, but I suppose reading in general is more important to me than where you get your reading. If you're contrary, you can do a search for "Coming Attractions Mark R. Hunter" and get hits from several different book sellers, because some of us just march to the beat of our own book drums.

 But remember this: Buy early, buy often. Whenever Santa delivers a book, one of his whiskers turns into an angel and flies away. And Santa's getting pretty hairy.



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