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Support Your Local Saddle Barn

Like many small businesses in the time of Covid-19, things are a little tough for the Pokagon State Park Saddle Barn this year. (Yes, it’s inside a state park, but the Saddle Barn itself is a private business.) At this point they do plan to open sometime close to Memorial Day weekend (I’ll get back to you on the exact day), but they’ll only be able to work at half capacity and will have comply with Indiana's Covid-19 guidelines. Ordinarily they open for weekends in March, then go seven days a week starting Memorial Day.
"Let's ride!"
So here’s an idea to support a local business—you can buy your own Pokagon Saddle Barn t-shirt:
Emily leads a trail ride.
I know it’s cool, and you can buy your own, or at least donate to the cause. Like many businesses of the equestrian variety (it's a real word, I looked it up), the people who work at the Saddle Barn love horses. I should know: My wife is one of them. But the horses don't just go into suspended animation between seasons. They’re living beings who need food, veterinary care, medicine, pasture space, and of course insurance—all year round. That's the short list.
Emily loves her job, even on cold days. Although the cold isn't great.
This year they need a little extra support.

The funds raised will go to Deena Coleman, the business owner, so she can keep all the horses and be ready for when things get a bit more back to normal. She's been running the barn for over 30 years, and hasn't raised prices in at least 10. So please, get yourself a shirt! That’s what friends are for.
Our dog Beowulf, wondering how that other dog got so big.

Yes, they do love their job, even first thing in the morning.
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