Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

It's a wonderful world. It is, TOO.

See, here's the thing: Life goes on. Morning always comes. The Dude abides, stuff like that.

I'm no philosopher. What I am is a student of history, and I can tell you this right now: Not only is the coronavirus outbreak not the end of the world, but the human race has been through much, much worse. Plagues, wars, dictatorships, natural disasters, holocausts, reality TV, we've seen it all. Tell me the Kardashians aren't deadly, at least to your brain cells.

Yes, do what you can to stop the spread. Yes, have calm, reasoned debates about how to tread that fine line between protection, rights, and economic needs. No, don't break down in a screaming hissy fit every time everything doesn't go your way--see previous sentence.

This is a time, as with any crisis, when people need to come together. Let me rephrase: This is a time when we need to get along--to, in the immortal words of the guy the Romans executed (no, the other guy, from the movie), "Always look on the bright side of life". Yes, it's a frightening, frustrating time. But ask yourself this:

Did I make things any better by yelling and hating everyone?

No. The answer is no, you didn't. Sheesh.

For all the virus and discontent floating around in the air, it's here: Spring arrived, anyway. Why not try a spring-like attitude? Laugh. Love. Leave the room a little brighter than when you entered it.

There are all sorts of places where you can get some fresh air without being breathed on. This one is Chain O' Lakes State Park, and see? Getting green!

And don't go around breathing on people.

Oh, and hurry up, tornado season is here.

The world is so good, it even feeds us.

Tags: chain o lakes state park, coronavirus, flowers, photography, spring
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