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Nominations and banners and squeeing, oh my ...

Okay, I've got a few minutes on the internet and I'm trying to catch up on some squee worthy stuff that I should have posted right away, but didn't. (and I apologize if I've already mentioned these things, but I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention them, rather than forgetting that I *did* mention them ... if you follow that ...)

First of all, my story "She Would be Thirteen" ( won a poll way back in May for best Xander story at good__evil. (Yeah, that would be squee number one -- and I apologize for losing track of it until now.) It had stiff competition: check out the other top two stories at And check out this!

As an award, I was offered a free banner to be done by selene2 After some thought, I asked if she would do a banner for my "Four Friends" stories, since they're an ongoing series and I would use it fairly often. I even sent her a couple of pictures of jillyh2009, on whom the OC slayer Kara was based, thinking she might somehow be able to incorporate them with the other members of that fictional group, Tara, Dana, and the Buffybot.

The result was beyond my wildest dreams:

(Which would be squee number two.) Thanks so much to the gifted selene2, for gifting *me*.

Wait. It gets BETTER. Then I got this e-mail:

Your story or fanart has been nominated at the Serenity on the Hellmouth Awards. If you would like the story (or fanart) to be nominated, please let me know. Information on the nomination is listed below. I will not list it without a reply from you.

Also, please check the username and URL listed below and let me know if I need to make any changes.

Holly --

~ Four Friends and a Field Trip (ozma914)
Nominated for: Best Potential/Slayer


You guessed it: Squee number 3. The neighbors are getting annoyed. :-)

This surprised me, because that story was posted a long time ago, but thanks so much to whoever nominated it! It's a good example of what I was trying to do with the Four Friends.
I'm getting caught up a bit now, and there's at least one more squee to come for this:

Which is for a story most of you haven't seen yet except for sl_podcast. I believe she was to feature those drabbles on her podcast but hasn't yet (unless I missed it), because she was busy making a big more from Chicago to California. But I got a nice reward for first place: Two mint condition Buffy Season 8 comics!

yep. More squeeing. And I'm progressing on getting some more fiction written, between checking my job list. I hope all is well for everyone -- I sit down now and again to check through my flist, but won't be able to comment much until vacation is over.
Tags: awards, btvs, buffy, fanfiction, podcast, writing
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