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my crappy life

I have two credit cards, both with very small limits, which I've kept for emergencies. My car recently started to die, and the shop put it on a machine that showed it to be an alternator problem. I had to wait until I saved up enough money, by which point I had to have the car jumped a few times; it was very hard starting for a few weeks until my brother and I managed to replace the alternator, which is right in the middle of the engine between a black hole and the planet Neptune.

That took all the money in my checkbook. Literally all; when I got the "core refund" from turning in the old alternator, I had to stick $40 in the night deposit box just to bring my balance up to zero.

I'd waited too long; the battery couldn't be saved. I had to charge my small card to the limit to get a new battery. By the way, Nissan's are very reliable, but when you have to start replacing parts on a car made in another country they apparently charge you the same amount it would cost to ship the part from Japan in a first class airliner seat.

The car wouldn't start. In fact, it was worse than ever -- it just clicked. The hard starting and jumping had torn up the starter. I had to do an internet search just to learn where the starter even was on a 1998 Nissan Sentra. The advice I found online was simple: if the starter goes out, just put a gallon of gas and a match to the car, because it's not worth the work. Replacing it required one hand with three elbows and a second hand with eight fingers, each a yard long and double jointed, all assuming you can put it in without actually seeing what you're doing.

The car is currently parked at my brother's house while he considers the best way to approach this without using dynamite. I have $130 in credit left on my "big" credit card; the cost of a new starter ranges from $120-$175, depending on the source. My car insurance is due in July, along with the next installment on my sewer repair bill. In about a week I'm going on three weeks vacation, and at this point I honestly don't know how we're going to eat, let along do anything other than throw darts at the bills to see which one gets paid first. I must admit I'm getting a bit concerned.

However, Albion's Park's Department director has loaned me his old pickup truck, a testament to the generosity that still lives in the world, and I'm quite sure no one is going to allow me to starve. It's just that this has been one of the worst years of my life so far, and I needed to vent to someone. Okay, done venting. I'm disabling comments (I think I am -- I haven't been able to do much right lately), because I appreciate that you're all good friends and will be concerned, but there's really not much of anything you can do for me. Lots of you have gone through as bad or worse lately, so I know you all know how I feel, and thanks. *hugs flist*

p.s. You all know I've been having time management problems. Well, it took literally all weekend to (not) fix my car, which explains why I'm even further behind than ever on my flist. I'll say the same that I have said before, and that I will say for when I go on vacation: If I get so busy that I can't reply to posts on my flist, you can be assured that I will still take the time to read them. I want to keep up with everyone.
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