Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Any book is better with horses, and dogs, and The Wizard of Oz

I've already worked into my novel-in-progress three atrocious puns, three references to The Wizard of Oz, two more to Harry Potter, two horses, and ... well, just one dog, but he's an unusually smart dog.

And it just hit 70,000 words, making "We Love Trouble" my longest rough draft ever.

There's also a line of dialogue that makes me giggle every time I go over it, but we'll see whether it's actually funny, or just reacting with my warped mind. Either way, I'm feeling pretty darned good about the story right now.

Two horses .. (not the same horses)

One dog. (Picture this dog, only darker and a little larger.)

Tags: fiction writing, genre writing, mystery, the writing process, we love trouble, writer's life, writing
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