Mark Hunter (ozma914) wrote,
Mark Hunter

Profiled on Humor Outcasts

Humor Outcasts is featuring me! As a humorist! Which makes sense, because they're a humor site! Writers shouldn't use too many exclamation points!   (LJ apparently won't let people put in links anymore.)

Thanks to Donna Cavanagh, who's found so many outcast humorists and given them a home. The world needs humor now more than ever, and people seem to appreciate it--and yet, editors and publishers seem to have no interest in it, anymore. So Donna set up the website and a partner publishing company, and you could do way worse than to check them out! I mean, out.

Here's the author picture for the profile:

Sometimes I get the feeling Beowulf's a camera hog. Er, camera dog.

Remember, every time a funny story is ignored, mimes eat a humorist. Don't feed the mimes.

And don't forget to find us on our website,, or search for Mark R. Hunter on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other e-book platforms.

Tags: books, humor, humor writing, humoroutcasts, writing

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